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Specialist Restorative Auto Detailing Based in Amherst NY

For those who demand the best, period. Beware of imitation. Separate the wheat from the chaff.

Welcome to, the homepage of Auto Aesthetica. Hopefully we can help you understand the goals that we as vehicle appearance specialists have and the truly unique appearance restoration and protective care services we offer. We are the only company in the WNY area dedicated to the perfection and preservation of your daily driven, collector, exotic or luxury vehicle. Whether you require a high level of protection for your daily driven vehicle, the perfection of a special vehicle, Auto Aesthetica should be your only choice. We have the expertise and more importantly a "never satisfied" amount of passion driving us to continually provide excellence in vehicle care.

The owner, Michael provides the WNY region's most discriminating owners with the absolute best vehicle appearance care services. He has been entrusted with the most prized and cared for automobiles and manages to transform them into flawless, breathtaking pieces of automotive engineering. Auto Aesthetica has developed a standout reputation for professional appearance care excellence through the high quality of services we perform for our clients. The finest of globally sourced products and materials coupled with unrivaled knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to improve each vehicle individually makes Auto Aesthetica a truly unique automotive detail company.

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Welcome to the pinnacle of automotive preparation, preservation, enhancement, and protection.
Welcome to Auto Aesthetica


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